Hound and Hunter

Prior to the game, secretly place a bunch of objects (wrapped candy is good) around the room or the field. Then everyone pairs up with a partner. One is the Hound, and one is the Hunter. The Hounds come up with a bark and shares it with the Hunter, give everyone 30 seconds for this. When the person who dispersed the objects yells, “Release the Hounds,” the Hounds run around trying to find these objects, while the Hunters stay where they are. Once a hound finds one, they cannot touch the object and must bark as loudly as possible. Only when the Hunter hears their Hound barking can they go to that spot to pick up the object. Other Hounds can bark at the same object as well, therefore making a race between the Hunters. This game can have several goals, like you must collect 4 pieces first, time limits, etc. Pro Tip: Use the game as a successful way to clean up at the end of the day.


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