Leap Frog

Set up 2 single-file lines. Space children out so there is enough room for the leap frog to land in between. Demonstrate safe ways to jump over people and how they should stay in a safe crouched position. The students are now frogs trying to cross a pond with their fellow frogs. To stay on the lily pads they must hop in a straight line one over the other. The frog at the back of the line will go first. They will hop over the frogs in front of them (who are crouched down to make it easier for the jumping frog) until they reach the front, where they will stop. After the leaping frog has made it to the front of the line and is crouched down, the next frog at the back of the line will begin to jump forward. Frogs jump to a finish line, or you can set a number of times each frog must jump.


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