Camp Management Guide 


The Ultimate Camp Management Guide includes 50 of our Camp Administration 101 topics to help take your camps to the next level! Our Camp Administration 101 series has been featured in some of the top industry publications. At just under 100 pages, our guide includes all the topics included in our CampHQ membership in print form PLUS 10 NEW topics not available online. This easy to read guide breaks down each topic in a simple to the point format that can be used to help any camp professional bring new ideas to camp, refine processes, streamline operations, and reinforce camp management best practices. Purchase your copy today!


The Ultimate Camp Activity Guide is a culmination of just about every camp game you could ever want. This guide is
150 pages of 1000 activities broken down into our 16 activity categories that includes:

  • Active Camp Games
  • Active Camp Games with a Ball
  • Animal Themed Games
  • Balloon Games
  • Charades, Skits and Music Games
  • Circle and Classroom Games
  • Dodgeball Variations
  • Health and Fitness Games
  • Ice Breakers and Teambuilding
  • Parachute Games
  • Relay Games
  • SEL Games
  • Sports Games
  • STEM Activities
  • Tag Games
  • Water Games

Get our Ultimate Activity Guide TODAY to never have to look for another camp activity again and take your camp to the next level!

This is the Print Copy. Digital Copy also available in our Store!

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