Kitty Wants A Corner

Before you start the game, one person must be dubbed the kitty. Once you have your kitty, everyone but him/her must stand in a circle. The kitty stands in the middle of the circle, and goes to each person saying “Kitty Wants a Corner”. If the person asked wants to give up their spot, they give the kitty their space, which then makes them the kitty. If the person asked does not want to give up their space, they say “Ask my neighbor”. If the kitty doesn’t get a space, they must keep asking until they get one. Here’s the tricky part: while the kitty is asking for a corner, everyone behind him/her is switching places. One person has to switch with another, without being seen because if the kitty sees you trying to switch places, they can steal the corner before you get there, which makes you the new kitty.


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