Wide Goal Soccer

Prepare one large rectangular playing area, preferably on grass (30’x 90’) with marked end zones. Review the soccer concepts that you want to teach through this game. Students are divided into two teams; each team is divided equally into forwards and goalies. Have 2 students Ro-Sham-Bo to see which team starts with possession of the ball. The game begins with a forward pass from the center. The forwards try to kick the ball across the opposite team’s goal line; the goalies try to stop the goals. Only the goalies can use their hands. Goalies kick or throw the balls from saved goals back into the field. After a goal is scored, the ball comes back to the center of the field and possession is granted to the non-scoring team. When the ball goes out of bounds, a forward from the opposite team throws it into play. Fouls (illegal use of hands, pushing, tripping, etc.) result in a free kick from the point of foul from the person who received the foul. Change positions either after a goal is scored, a time limit or you give a signal.


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