Steal the Bacon – Soccer Style

Set up a large rectangular area and note the boundary lines. Place cones at opposite ends of field to create goals and put the soccer balls in the middle of the field. Stand in a position where you can see the entire play area and the students can easily hear your calls. Teach the rules of the game and have the students explain the game back to you. Review the basic concepts and skills of soccer that you want to reinforce through the game. Divide the students into two groups. Give each student on both teams a number so that each team has a #1, #2, etc. Remember that younger students may have a difficult time remembering their numbers. Asking them to show you their number with their fingers will help them remember. Each team sits on opposite sidelines in a line facing each other. For each round, call out a number. The student with that number runs to his/her team’s ball. The student dribbles the ball towards their team’s goal and attempts a shot. If s/he makes it, the team gets a point, and then s/he returns the ball back to the designated team area in the center of the field. If s/he doesn’t make the shot, s/he just returns to his/her seat. Make sure that everyone has a turn at this before using variations.


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