World Cup Soccer

Break group into even teams. Number of teams depends on total number of students (usually 4-5 per team) multi-colored pinnies usually work well for distinguishing teams. Pick two students to be the goalies. The game is a multi-round free-for-all between all of the teams. The goal is to score a goal in either net as fast as you can. You need to pass the ball at least twice before you score. If a team scores a goal, they qualify for the next round and should return back to their designated area on the sidelines. Each round is played until there is one team left on the field without a goal. This team is out of the tournament and they now become cheerers. Rounds will be played until there is one world cup champion at the end. The game starts on the signal. Once all of the balls are thrown into the playing area then all the players can enter. The goalie should throw the balls back towards the center of the playing area to keep the flow of the round.


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