Blindfold Building

Help the group pick a representative who will be the only one who can ask the three questions during the game. Have your group begin in a straight line, blindfold them and lay a rope out by their feet. Make sure everyone understands the game and its rules. On your signal the students attempt to pick up the rope at their feet. Hands must remain on the rope; they may not let go of the rope for more than 2 seconds. Instruct the students to form a shape (square, triangle, circle, etc.). Through their representative students may ask the leader three questions during the game. The leader will repeat the question so that everyone can hear and then give the answer. When the group feels they have completed the task have them drop the rope at their feet and take a step back. Ask the group if they think they have successfully made their shape. After you get all of their answers, have them remove their blindfolds.


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