Blindfold Pick Up

Partner up the class. Ro-Sham-Bo to see who is “blindfolded”. One partner is blindfolded; the other partner is the communicator. Start the game after mentioning the rules. Using vocal commands, the communicator needs to guide his/her blindfolded partner to a pickable item. The communicator CANNOT touch his/her blindfolded partner. Once the blindfolded partner is led to a pickable item, the communicator will then direct the blindfolded partner to pick up the item, bring it to a hula hoop (home base), and drop it inside of the hula hoop. The blindfolded partner keeps his/her blindfold on at all times. After the blindfolded partner drops the pickable item inside the home base, the partners switch roles. When that partner drops another item into a home base, the partners switch roles again. The game ends when all of the pickable items are inside the home bases.


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