Blanket Name Game

The Blanket Name Game is a simple name recognition/identification game. Go around the room and make introductions (share your name and other information such as your hobbies, school, etc. if desired. Separate into two groups and have two people hold a large, thick blanket separating the two groups so that neither group can see the other. Each team needs to pick one person and put something on them to identify them as the designated person, like a cone on their head. When the blanket drops, the first person to correctly call out the name of the other group’s designated person wins the round (which typically means the loser of the round must leave the game, though if you prefer to avoid ‘elimination’ then you don’t have to do this). The group may strike different humorous poses to distract the attention of other group’s person. As a variation, several people may be facing the other group with one person being chosen to call out the information of the other group’s people.


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