World Series

Divide the players into two teams. The team at bat lines up behind home base. The other team   takes the positions of pitcher, basemen and fielders. The first person on the team at “bat” stands at home base and the pitcher rolls the ball toward him. The batter kicks the ball with the opposite foot that he would normally lead with. Each batter has two chances to kick the ball. Once kicked, the batter tries to run to each of the bases and back to home plate before the outfield team can throw the ball to each base and back to home plate. Therefore, the fielder who catches the ball throws it to the first baseman, who touches the marker and throws it to the second baseman that touches the marker and throws it to the third baseman who touches the marker and throws it to home plate. If the ball reaches home plate before the batter, the batter is out. If not, he scores a run. Teams switch after three outs. The game continues for nine innings.


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