Wall Baseball

Set up an open area with a large wall. Split the students into two teams. The 1st team on offense has one person up to bat and everyone else on the sideline. The 2nd team on defense spreads all its players out around the playing area (should be about the size of the infield area for kickball) adjacent to the wall. The player on offense who is up to bat throws the tennis ball against the wall, it must go above a line on the wall of at least 6ft. When the ball bounces off the wall the team on defense tries to catch it. If they catch it before it hits the ground that is an out. However, if the ball bounces once before someone catches it that’s a single, two bounces is a double, three bounces a triple, and four bounces is a home run. The hitter can then take their base. If there are no bases, it is crucial to remember where the “imaginary runners” are for scoring purposes. If a ball bounces beyond the boundary, those out-of-bounds bounces do not count.


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