Ultimate Football

Use the cones to create boundaries for a field with two end zones. Divide the students into two even teams. Have one student from each team do Ro-Sham-Bo to determine who has possession first. Line both teams up on each baseline of the field. On the leader’s signal, the team starting on defense throws or kicks (depending on skill level) the ball to the offensive team. One player from the offense either catches the ball or picks it up from where it lands, and tries to pass it to one of his/her teammates. When anyone on either team has the ball, s/he can only use one pivot foot to move. They cannot take steps or run with the ball. The offense tries to advance the ball down the field with passes, and scores a point if one of the team members catches the ball in the end zone. The defense tries to block or knock down the ball to gain possession. If a ball is knocked down or intercepted, play of the game is switched and the defense now becomes the offense, heading toward their end zone.


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