Trivia Football

Set up large rectangular field with plenty of room for four students to run. Place two cones a few feet apart on both of the far ends of the field. Divide students into four groups. Have them line up with their assigned group behind the cones at each end of the field, facing towards the middle. There should be two groups at each end of the far ends of the field. Explain to the students that both groups on the same side of the rectangle are a team. The students at the front of each line (four total, two on each side) are active each round. The adult stands near the middle holding the football and ask a trivia question. When the first person yells out the correct answer, the adult throws him/her the football. The student with the football and his/her partner try to make it to the other end of the field without being tagged by their two opponents. Students are allowed to pass the ball to their partner or run with it, but can only be tagged when holding the ball. After a player is tagged, the ball hits the ground, or a team scores, all players return to the end of their original line and the next four players go.


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