Squish Ball

A twist on dodge ball. Have campers form a large circle. In the center place approximately 10 dodgeballs per 25-30 students. Referee goes around circle labeling each child with a color (red, yellow, blue, green, etc.); approximately 5-8 campers per color. Game starts with referee calling out a color. All campers labeled that color will run into the center, grab balls and throw them at each other to knock players out of the game. Campers on the outside of the circle have the job of keeping balls in play by kicking them softly back to the center of the circle. The last person is the winner for that color. Referee calls another color group and the game continues until each color group has been in the circle. Then, the winners of each color group (one per group) will go into the circle to dodge balls against each other to be the overall Squish Ball champ for the day.


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