Space Jump

To play, have several players go to the center of the room, and number them one through five. The rest of the group imagines a scenario for number one (for example, let’s say the player is a zombie). Player 1 performs improv about that scenario (likely walking slowly with their arms out and mumbling about brains). After 15–30 seconds, the leader calls out, “Space jump!” Player 1 freezes, and player 2 joins them, using whatever pose player 1 is frozen in as inspiration for an entirely new scene. The two actors portray the new scene until it’s “Space jump!” time again, and actor 3 joins. Rinse and repeat for player 4 and 5. Upon reaching the final five-player scene, when the leader calls, “Space jump!,” it goes in reverse order: Player 5 leaves the scene and it goes back to the scene that the 4 players were doing. This continues until only player 1 is performing their initial scene.


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