Six Flags

This game is a larger version of capture the flag. Divide the campers into two teams. Do the same with the counselors. It is also a good idea to have a judge off to the side to make decisions about the rules. This can be a counselor or a camper who does not or cannot run. Mark off the playing field with the cones. Place the two hula hoops at opposite ends of the playing field, but with at least three feet of room away from the border of the field. Place three flags into each of the hula hoops. Place the long rope down the middle of the field to divide it in half to form two sides. Players try to reach the opposite side’s hula hoop, grab a flag and make it back to their side without being tagged by a member of the opposite team. Once players are tagged, they must sit down and wait to be freed by a member of their own team. Once freed, the player has a free pass back to their side of the field. They must put both feet on their side before going back to the hula hoop. The first team with all six flags on their side is the winner.


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