Rim Dodgeball

Divide teams up evenly, place dodgeballs in center of gym floor between the two teams Have students on both teams start by touching the wall. Both teams should be on the wall on their side of the court, with the balls in the middle. When the leader blows the whistle, students may run for the balls in the center, making sure to not cross the half court line dividing up the teams. For a student to temporarily be “out” they must either be hit with the ball, or throw a ball that the other team catches. When a student is temporarily “out,” they stand on the side wall. For students to get back in the game, someone on their team must throw the ball across to the other teams’ side and hit the backboard/rim. Once a student hits the backboard/rim, all of his/her teammates are allowed back in the game. The game is over when all the students on one team are knocked out to the side wall, or when someone throws the ball from their side into the opposing teams’ basket.


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