Puloga (Variation of Sprout-Ball)

Hand out a belt with 2 flags attached to each player.  On the signal, players try to throw the dodgeballs at each other. If a player is hit with the dodgeball, s/he must remove one of her/his own flags–but then can continue in the game. The removed flag is dropped to the ground. Players with or without a ball can attempt to remove a flag from opposing players (no physical contact allowed). Players may not protect their flags from being removed. A player who loses two flags — either by being hit with a ball and/or having a flag removed by an opposing player — will be required to collect two flags from the ground and go to the side of the playing area, and complete a task that is assigned prior to the game (jumping jacks, pushups, laps, etc.). Once they complete the task they can come back in. This game is timed so the winner is the one with the most players left after the time is up.


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