Home Run Tag

Create a square area with bases similar to that on a baseball field. Make sure you address that the imaginary base paths from base to base are the boundaries. Have gloves/cones on hand ready to designate the taggers. Designate a small number of baseball taggers. Everybody will spread out inside of the baseball diamond. On the magic word or whistle students begin running away from the fielders or “taggers”. Make sure students run inside the designated boundaries. If you are tagged by a fielder you must run to home plate and line up a pitch and pretend to hit a home run. After you hit your home run you begin your home run trot around the bases, waving to the crowd, tilting your cap doing whatever it is your favorite big leaguer does. After you have made your way back to home plate you are allowed back into the game. After a designated amount of time, choose new field taggers and restart the game.


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