Frog Catcher

Set up a small area with clearly marked boundaries or classroom. Use beanbags or ping pong balls for insects and hula hoops for lily pads. The objective of this game is to avoid being tagged by the frog catcher. The frog catcher is waiting for the frogs to get off their lily pads. At your signal, have children hop to gather insects. While kids are leaping around to catch insects, the frog catcher tries to tag them. If a frog is tagged, the frog must go to the shore banks (on the side of the room or play area) and perform a task (i.e. 5 jumping jacks, sit-ups, etc.) to get back into the game. The frogs are safe and cannot be tagged while on their lily pads. However a frog can only stay on their lily pads for 5 seconds before the lily pad gets too heavy and starts to sink. Last student remaining can be next frog catcher. The object for the frogs is to collect the most insects. If they are tagged insects are dropped and spread out.


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