Divide group into equally numbered teams. You can play this with two teams or two hundred teams, it makes no difference. For each team you will need to assign them a color that you can find balloons to match. Beforehand you will need to blow up an equal number of balloons for each team, the more the better the game. You will also need to acquire some Ping-Pong balls. With the Ping-Pong balls you will write letters on that spell out a word. You will take the balls and put them into some of the balloons (one word for team) as you are blowing them up. It is a good idea to use a common long word like Baseball or Dinosaur. You may use the same word for all teams, different words, the words can connect, it is up to you. Put all of the balloons in the middle and mix them up. Scatter the teams so that each team is an equal distance away from the balloons. Have the teams line up. The game kind of works like a relay in that once you say go, the teams will send one player to the middle to retrieve one of their balloons, when they return, another player from the team may go, etc. As the team gets balloons, they will pop them to find a Ping-Pong ball (or perhaps no Ping-Pong ball). The team that correctly spells out the word first wins.


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