Bullfrog Game

Circle the students, with their hands outstretched to the side with their palms facing up. The right hand should be on top of their neighbor’s left hand (continuous around the circle). The leader begins the chant and a slap is passed around the circle along with the chant, “Down by the banks of the hanky panky, where the bullfrog jumps from bank to banky, with an E, I, O, U, it got on a lily with a big kerr-plop!” When you get to the kerr-plop on the last beat, the person tries to move his or her hands before they are slapped. If they move their hand before it is hit, the hitter who misssed is out, if they don’t move it in time, the person whose hand was hit is out. The players who are out move to the outside of the circle and help sing the song.


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