Bob the Bunny

This is a variation of Bob the Weasel above. Gather group of students in a circle. Have students place their hands behind their backs. Choose one student to be in the middle. The person in the middle tries to guess who on the outside of the circle is holding the bunny. To begin, the person in the middle closes his/her eyes while the group begins chanting in rhythm, “Bob the Bunny, Bob, Bob, the Bunny!” As you are chanting start passing the bunny around the circle, keeping the bunny behind you. Once the bunny is in motion, the person in the middle opens their eyes. S/he gets 3 tries to guess who is holding the bunny; the group is still chanting and passing the bunny. If the person in the middle guesses correctly they change places with the person who was caught holding the bunny. If the person in the middle does not guess correctly within 3 tries s/he becomes part of the circle and a new person is chosen to go in the middle.


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