Beanbag Basketball

In this game you put a bucket on each side of the basketball court. In this game you will need two teams of at least 4-5 players. Choose one team to “throw off the beanbag”. They throw the beanbag to the other team to start the game. Once this is done the offensive team (with the beanbag) must make their way to the other side trying to get the beanbag into the bucket on the other end of the playing field. The other team can play defense but they cannot take the beanbag out of anyone’s hands or physically touch any other player. They basically can try to distract the other players and make it harder to make good passes. The only way to move the beanbag is to pass it. Nobody can run with the beanbag. It must be passed and caught. If the beanbag is passed and missed, the other team gets possession of the beanbag.


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