Basketball Bonanza

Divide the group into two teams (one will shoot at each goal). Place markers on the gym floor for shooting:

-10 points for lay-ups

-20 points for mid-range

-30 points for long-range

Tell the campers the point values for the shots. Line the groups up in the middle of the court. Tell each team which goal they will be shooting the ball into. In the middle between the two teams has an assortment of stars with points on them used a different color for each set of points, ie: 10 points would be green stars, 20 points would be blue stars, and 30 points would be gold stars. One member from each team will dribble the ball to their goal and pick a spot to shoot from. They get one shot – if they make the basket, they come back and give the ball to the next person in line and then they pick a star that corresponds to the points they made, example if they made a layup they would pick up a 10 pt. star and put in their teams bucket or box. The next person would go down and shoot from one of the three spots, and so on. If the person does not make the shot they dribble back and give the ball to the next person. You can play until all the stars are gone or to a certain score. Have each team add up their points.


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