Balloon Bounce

For this game you need one balloon and at least 3 players. Give each player a number from 1 to however many people there are. Everyone should stand in a large circle outside the “boundary” which can be marked with cones.

  • The first person #1, should hit the balloon in the air and call out the number of another person, say #2.
  • #2 then needs to run and hit the balloon before it hits the ground (using any body part from your hand to your elbow to your foot) and call out another number (#3 or #4).
  • If #2 doesn’t make it in time to keep the balloon from hitting the floor, they get a point. #2 should then be the next player to call out a number and continue the game.

After five minutes of play, the person with the least amount of points wins! You can make the game more challenging by having the people outside the boundary squat or hold a plank while waiting for their number to be called.


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