Fun Football Game Variations to Play at Camp

Red Light, Green Light Football

Use cones to set up two end-zones on opposing sides. Use cone(s) for student to form a line. First two students line up with jerseys as defensive players. Next two students line up in the opposing position as offensive players. On offense, one student is the hiker and hikes the football to the running back on command. The hiker then becomes a blocker. After receiving the ball, the running back attempts to run to the opposite end-zone without being tagged gently with two hands by the defense. IMPORTANT: Once the ball is hiked, an adult or Junior Coach can shout Red Light or Green Light to change the pace of the game. Red Light makes all players freeze, and green light makes all players resume play. The penalty for players who do not freeze on RED LIGHT is 5 steps backwards. Game is over when the offense makes it to the end-zone or if the running back is tagged.

Frisbee Football

Teams should be of equal number; each team has a goalie, as well as offensive and defensive players. Goal markers are set up at each end of the playing area. The object of the game is to pass the Frisbee past the goal line to another teammate. No player may hold his Frisbee for more than four seconds, without losing possession. Three steps may be taken before the Frisbee is passed. If offensive and defensive players catch a pass at the same time, defensive players take possession. Offensive players are allowed only 5 seconds at a time in the defensive red zone (15 yards from the red zone)

21 – Football

Designate a large play area with clear boundaries that has room for students to run. Split group into 2 teams.  The object of the game is for teams to score 21 points by completing passes in different areas of the field. One team begins on the line of scrimmage and attempts to complete a pass within a zone to score points. The teams switch from offense to defense after every 4 passes. All players must stay within the field. The defending team will cover the offensive team players to hold them to as few points as possible. The quarterback must stand behind the line of scrimmage. Points are scored for a catch at certain positions on the field and are determined by the zone in which the ball is caught, not where the player runs. If a defensive team intercepts (catches) the ball from the offensive team, the defensive team scores 3 points.

Flag Pull Game

Cone off an area and have all kids inside the cones with flag football flags on. The object of the game is to pull other’s flag while not getting yours pulled. No flag guarding. If you flag gets pulled you are out. As players get out you can make the cone boundaries smaller until there is only one person left with a flag.

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