5 Creative Parachute Games

Closest to the Pin: Lay the parachute flat and have each camper roll a ball to the center. Closest to the center wins.

Crazy Colors: You will need a lot of balls or objects that match the colors of the parachute. A large set of the small plastic balls you would find in a ball pit work perfect. Place the parachute flat on the ground and scatter the balls all over the room or gym. Assign each team a color and when you say go they have to collect all their color balls and place them on the same color of the parachute. You can also have each team take turns where they collect all the balls in a timed game to see who can sort them the fastest.

Parachute Tag: Lift the parachute high overhead. Call one child’s name and have him/her run to the other side before the parachute comes down and tags them. Variation: You can alter the game by having children skip, crawl or twirl to the other side.

Popcorn: Children circle around the parachute. Two teams are created on either side of the parachute. A number of balls are placed on the parachute. Teams try to shake the parachute to try and ripple the balls of the other players’ side. A point is awarded if a team successfully shakes the ball off the other team’s side.

Plug It: For this game, you need communication skills! The goal is to try and get a large beach ball to plug in the middle of the parachute. It may sound easy, but when you have a large group of students trying to move one parachute, it can be a challenge!

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