Soccer 4-Square

Set up a standard 4-square area is one large square that is divided into 4 smaller squares of equal proportion measuring approximately 5’ x 5.’ Each square is labeled sequentially A, B, C, and D. One student is placed in each square and the rest form a line outside of the square labeled D. The student in square A is always the one that serves the ball. Play begins when the server drops the ball and kicks it so that is bounces at knee height into another player’s square. Make sure the server is not kicking the ball at the other players or so hard that it is not returnable. The ball can bounce one time in your square each time you kick or make legal contact with the ball. All hits are legal except using your hands, as in soccer. If the ball bounces in your square it is your job to legally hit the ball so it bounces in another players’ square. If you kick the ball out of bounds or into another player you go to the end of the line. If the ball hits the line between boxes A and B (for example) either player in A or B square can attempt to make contact with the ball and legally hit it into another players’ square. If the ball bounces twice in your square without legally being touched in between bounces, that player goes to the end of the line.


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