Soccer Smash

Can be played outside or in a gym. The ideal play area is about the size of a basketball court or larger. Divide the play area in half, into two courts. 5 Cones must be set up equally, scattered around each side of the court. Cones may be placed inside hula hoops as a guideline of where to stand. Explain that the ball must stay below head level and that hands are not allowed to touch the ball. Sort lined-up students into two teams. Each team receives a soccer ball. Choose a volunteer from each team. Play starts on a magic word, whistle blow, or first kick, etc. The goal of the game is to knockdown all the cones on the opposite court, in the time allotted, by only using soccer moves. If a team knocks down all the cones, play resets. Only legal soccer moves are allowed. The ball can be hit with feet, chest, or head. If a student touches the ball with his/her hand, pause the game and let one student from the other team take a free shot at one of their cones (Penalty Kick). Alternatively, you can assign that student as the ball retriever when soccer balls leave the play area. Students must stay at least two feet behind the center dividing line on their side of the court.


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