Lucky Charms

Transform eight cones into “lucky charms,” meaning they have a piece of paper taped on the underside. There should be one of each of the following: heart, star, rainbow, clover, blue moon, pot of gold, horseshoe, red balloon. Scatter the cones around the play area so that the lucky charms are not visible. Place a hula hoop or “pot of gold” in the center of the play space. Line the students up and show the boundaries of the play space. Explain to the children that a leprechaun needs their help finding his lucky charms, so it is their job to search for them as fast as they can and return them to the pot of gold. Remind students to watch where they are going so they don’t run into one another. Tell students how they are allowed to move for the round (i.e. Walking, running, skipping, zombie walking, etc.) At the magic word, students move (walking, skipping, etc.) around and look at the underside of one cone at a time. If it does not have a lucky charm, they return it to its place. If it does have a lucky charm, they place it in the center of the hula hoop (or “pot of gold”) as fast as they can. When all 8 lucky charms have been collected, the game is over.


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