Minute To Win It Games

Kids have 1 minute to complete. Whoever can complete the most wins.

  • Don’t blow the Joker: Stack a deck of cards on a bottle. Blow them off and leave the last one on the bottle.
  • Suck it up: Transport items by sucking through a straw
  • Bouncer: Bounce ping pong balls into cups
  • Broomstick ball: Roll tennis balls over a broomstick jumping the balls into different size buckets
  • Defying gravity: tap 3 balloons without having them touch the ground
  • Face the cookie: move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands.
  • Flip Cup: Place a cup half off the side of the table and flip it up with your finger getting it to land upside down.
  • Bottle Flip: Flip a half filled water bottle and have it land standing up.
  • Roller Ball: Try to roll a ball into an upside-down Frisbee
  • Keep it Up: Keep a balloon in the air by hitting it. Add a 2nd balloon if this is too easy.
  • Stack cups end over end
  • On the rebound: One partner throws a ping pong ball at another who deflects it with a clip board into a container
  • Shoe toss: Toss your shoe onto the table or into a hoola hoop on the ground using only your foot

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