Field Trips

Field trips are the most exciting part of camp for your campers but can be the most daunting for you and your staff. Going off site adds an extra layer of responsibility to ensure your campers have a fun, safe experience. Here are 10 tips to make sure your camp trips always go as planned.

  1. Give yourself plenty of time to get the campers organized. Time is of the essence on trips. It takes a lot of time to organize your campers, make sure everyone has what they need, do restroom breaks, and get on the bus so make sure to plan accordingly.
  1. Review the trip rules and set expectations with campers before leaving. Never let any campers go off on their own when you arrive off site. Use the buddy system and always have an eye on all your campers at all times.
  1. Know your camper count at all times and take attendance before and after every off site activity.
  1. Have a clear plan in place. If you haven’t been on a certain trip before there may be a lot of unknowns, but always have some type of plan and contingency plan in place. The last thing you want to do is “wing it” and end up not being able to do a lot of things because you ran out of time.
  1. Be prepared. Each group leader should have all the trip information and your action plan when you arrive on site. Make sure each group has a backpack with things like rosters, first aid kits, and other necessary supplies.
  1. Make sure all staff are in the water or alert on the banks on any swim trip. Swim test all campers before letting the group in the water. Never go to a place without certified life guards and avoid doing a beach trip. Stick to waterparks, pools, lakes or springs.
  1. Have a staff member inside and outside public restrooms or locker rooms while changing or doing restroom breaks. Do not allow children to change outside a stall. If possible, do all changing at camp before and after the trip.
  1. Stay attentive on the bus. Make sure staff are still supervising and engaging with kids so you have an orderly and safe bus ride. Staff should be spread out and sitting with kids, not all in one area.
  1. Avoid campers having money on trips for concession stands and gift shops. Pre-paying for meals or collecting the money before hand and avoiding gift shops all together will make your experience on trips a lot easier to manage. You will also have much more time for attractions and activities by not wasting all your time in shops.
  1. Have fun! If you are having fun, your campers will have fun. Always be supervising and stick to your plan and expectations but make sure they still have an experience they will always remember.

Safety and supervision is your number one focus on the field trip. Have fun with the kids but have a plan, always be supervising and never let your guard down to make sure all of your field trips are always a success!


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