Water Gauntlet Relay

This game requires 4 teams. Two of the teams line up behind their own bucket of water. About 20 yards away are two empty bottles or buckets. Two or three people at a time from each team fill up glasses of water (8 or 10) as quickly as they can, place them on a tray, and carry them down the field as quickly and carefully as they can. Once they arrive at the bottles the players try to fill their bottle. The team with the fullest bottle wins. The other two teams line up alongside the paths of the two teams carrying the glasses, about ten feet back. As the carriers move down to the opposite side of the field with their glasses of water the other two teams grab sponges full of water out of two more buckets that are in from of them and try to knock the cups over as the carriers pass. The teams trying to fill the bottles must try to block their cups from the flying sponges. After the fill line is reached or time is up, a winner is called, and the teams swap. After this second game the teams play for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.


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