Ultimate Kickball

This game can be played on a regular kickball field or by using 4 cones for bases in a large area. Bases should be large enough to fit multiple players. The object of the game is to kick the ball, run the bases, and touch home without getting out and have your team score as many points as possible. Divide the group into 2 teams. There are no foul balls. Players can kick the ball backwards only if there is a backstop or wall behind home plate. There can be more than one runner on a base at any time. Runners may choose to stay on one base if it is unsafe to run. Runners can pass each other at any time. Runners must return to the previous base if the pitcher has the ball before they are half­way to the next base. Runners can get out when their fly ball is caught before it bounces or if they are tagged while not on a base. Teams switch after one time through the kicking rotation. Note: This version of kickball works well because it allows the advanced players to run fast through the bases, and the beginning players to take their time and learn the game.


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