Designate clear boundaries for each group. Give each group one ball and identify one player to have first possession. Divide players into groups of 3-5 with each group having a designated goal or hoop. The student with first possession puts the ball into play by shooting a free throw shot. Whoever rebounds the ball has possession. Decide who will be the first to guard the player who has possession of the ball. Only one person can guard the player who has control over ball, other players wait to get the rebound. There is no double-teaming. When a player loses possession of the ball or misses a shot, the new player who has gained possession of the ball attempts to shoot. Once the game is in play the person who last shot the ball or who last had possession of the ball is the only player who can guard the player that currently has the ball. Each time a player makes a basket; they get two points and go to the free throw line. Each successful free throw is an additional point. The first player to earn 21 points, without going over, is the winner. If a player goes over 21 points their total score goes back to 11. 


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