Treasure Hunt Dodgeball

Build an obstacle course using large gym mats, positioned so that players can hide behind them. Mark off a starting line at one end. At the other end place a hula hoop to contain the “Treasure.” (The treasure can be any items you choose – usually things like goggles, skipping ropes, and hockey pucks work well because you have them lying around in your storage room anyway.) You want there to be at least 5-10 different items the team must retrieve. One team lines up at the starting line, while the second team lines up on the outside perimeter of the obstacle course with dodgeballs. On the word “GO!” from a counselor, the first team will send their first person to race to the end were the treasure awaits. They may only bring back one piece of treasure at a time. If they are hit by a dodgeball, they have “died” and can now only cheer the rest of their team on. If they are hit while returning with a piece of treasure, the treasure stays where they were hit. The object of the game is to see which team can retrieve the most treasure before all their players are knocked out. If both teams retrieve all the treasure the winner is declared based on which team had fewer casualties. The team who is throwing the dodgeballs is allowed to move up and down the perimeter of the course.


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