Tally Ho!

Divide students into four groups. Demonstrate what it looks like to stand shoulder-to-shoulder. Remind students that they must stay in the same exact line order. Students line up in their groups shoulder-to-shoulder and need to remember the order in which they are standing. Each group becomes a side of the boat, making a square. The leader stands in the middle of the boat. The side that the leader is facing becomes the front of the boat. The side behind the leader becomes the back of the boat. And the same goes for the right and left side of the boat. These designations stay permanent throughout the game. Once the boat is formed, the leader can turn to his/her right or left. The students need to quickly reform their original line order, making up the correct side of the boat depending on which way the leader is facing. Once the groups correctly reassemble, the students grab hands, lift them in the air and yell “Tally Ho!” The leader changes orientation again, and the sides of boat must realign again.


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