Squirrels and Acorns

You’ll need a pile of “stuff” and jump ropes for this exercise game: stuffed animals, books, toys, anything really to serve as the “acorns.” The jumper in this game is the squirrel, who must gather their acorns from the pile some distance away, and bring them back home. Starting at home base (you can mark this with tape, chalk, or a piece of paper), the jumper rolls a pair of dice, and can add the numbers to determine how many jumps should be taken. After jumping the correct amount of times without missing, the “squirrel” runs to get an acorn from the pile and brings it back home. A single player repeats this process until all of the acorns are safe and sound, or the next person takes their turn if there are multiple players. Whoever has the most acorns at the end of the race, or finishes first in a head-to-head showdown is the winner.  Players can also set a timer and try to beat their last time on every new turn.


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