Slow Motion Tag

Ask each player in the group to find their own personal space within the boundary area. Make sure there is enough room so no one is able to take one step towards someone and tag them. Adjust the boundaries out a bit if needed. Explain the guidelines and then let players adjust themselves before you start. You, as the leader, will be calling out, “Step”. At this time, each player can move one of their feet in any direction they want. The objective here is to tag other players anywhere below the shoulders. If a player is tagged, s/he will sit down right where they are – they become “ankle biters”. So, back to the game. Every time the leader, says, “Step” each player can take ONE step. If anyone moves both feet during a step, they sit down to become ankle biters. The ankle biters, sitting on their bottoms at all times, can tag the players still standing if they get close enough. However, ankle biters can only tag below the knee. Play down to the last two players and call them co-slow-mo champs for the moment. Have everyone stand up and play again. It’s fun to watch the different strategies emerge after a few rounds of play.


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