Silent Ball at the Museum

The leader chooses one student to be the “Night Guard”. To start, count down “5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Frozen!” As the name indicates, this game is a combination of Night at the Museum and Silent Ball Elements from both games apply:

Silent Ball: Students must remain completely silent while passing a ball around the room.

Night at the Museum: When the Night Guard is looking at you, you must remain frozen. When his/her back is turned, you are free to move around.

Ways for students to get “out”: Moving while the Night Guard is looking at them, making any kind of noise, making a bad pass or dropping the ball. If the ball is thrown from a student who is behind the Night Guard’s back to a student in front of the Night Guard, that student may move to catch the ball without being called out. However, once they have caught the ball they must remain frozen until the Night Guard looks away from them.


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