Ro-Sham-Bo Relay

Set out a semi-circle (U shaped) path using cones or other markers. You can also use half of a basketball court. Divide students into two groups; each group in a single file line. Each line of students starts at the ends of the “U”. Review how to play Ro-Sham-Bo (Paper, Rock, Scissors). Make sure students know where to go when they win and lose the Ro-Sham-Bo. The goal of the game is for a player from one line to make it to the start of the other team’s line. The player who makes it from one side to the opposite side gets a point for his/her team. The game begins on a signal from the leader. The first players in each line begin walking on the path towards each other. When the first two players from opposite teams encounter each other on the path, they stop and Ro-Sham-Bo until one player wins. The winner continues walking on the path in the same direction, while the loser goes to the back of the line and the next person on the losing side starts walking on the path. Again when the players encounter each other, they do Ro-Sham-Bo until one player wins. The game continues, with each side accruing points each time they make it all the way around the path to the other team’s side.


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