Pyramid Piggyback Portage

Divide the group into teams of 8- 10 people. If possible, have an even number of players on each team. Line teams up at one end of the playing area. The relay simulates a wilderness trip, where the team first portages a canoe, then climbs a mountain and finally backpacks home. On “GO”, each team selects one person to be the canoe. All other team members form two lines facing each other and link arms. The ‘canoe’ lies down on the row of arms and the team ‘portages’ (runs) the canoe down to the other end of the ‘wilderness’. Upon arrival, all team members but one form a pyramid and the single team member climbs over the ‘mountain’. It is then time to backpack home. In pairs, teammates take turns ‘backpacking’ (piggybacking) each other back to the starting line. The first team to successfully complete the wilderness trip wins.


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