PVC Cooperative Fill-Up

Need one 2-3’ long, 1.5”-2” diameter PVC pipe [with at least 6, ¼” holes drilled into a random pattern all over the pipe, one small bucket with markings, and one plastic cup per group of 4-5. Set up with a trough filled with water in the center and groups standing behind their buckets on the outer circle. All players run to the trough together, each with a role: One player will use the cup to pour water into their pipe, another player puts their hand on the bottom of the pipe to stop water from coming out if it, and all others put fingers on the holes to keep water in the pipe. Once they fill the pipe to the top, they all move as a group back to the bucket and carefully let the water pour into it. Repeat, changing roles each round, until the signal. Who has the most water? 


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