This game requires some set up and compasses. Map out a course with 4-5 stops. Each stop will have an activity or puzzle that when completed will give campers a clue to the code to unlock the treasure at the end. Break the campers in groups, 1 group per station to start. Have them complete the activity at their station and then use the directions you provide from station to station on how to navigate to the next station with their compass. An example would be “Start on the cone at Station #2 and go north 20 steps to the light pole. At the pole go west until you get to a sign. At the sign you will find your next puzzle”. Once they complete all the stations they can go back to camp to unlock the treasure. Your clues can be letters they get at each station to make a password, numbers to create a lock code, clues to a riddle, etc. Once they finish the final puzzle the treasure can be something like popsicles, ice cream, etc. Counselors should help their groups navigate so they don’t get lost. All groups should finish to get the treasure.


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