One One Two Two

Have campers form a circle. Each camper is given a number starting with one and ending with the last person. Campers will be patting their lap and clapping their hands to a 4 part beat. The following chant can be used to learn the beat. 2 pats to lap-“Are you ready..2 claps-Let’s go!” 2 pats on the lap-Yes were ready..2 pats on the lap –Let’s go!” After they learn the beat the game can begin. The camper who is number one starts. They say their number while patting their lap to the beat and someone else’s number while clapping their hands to the beat (ie. 1,1,8,8) Number 8 would follow the same pattern and say 8,8, 4,4. This continues. The rules: If you are off beat you are out. If you miss your number you are out. If you call someone’s number that is out you are out! This is a great time filler and hilarious. The best is when you have a face-off with the last two campers!


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