Medic Dodgeball

The group is divided into 2 teams, each starting on opposite ends of the court, with a line separating them in the middle. Teams have 1 minute to huddle and decide who their teams’ Medic is. Ask someone from each team to tell you who the secret Medic is. Tell students to wait for your signal to begin and then pass out the balls. When both teams are ready, on their lines, give the signal to begin. The teams then start throwing balls at each other.  When a player is hit and “wounded” s/he must kneel down. A player who is “wounded” can still catch and throw the ball but cannot move from the place where s/he is kneeling. If a Medic comes by and taps a “wounded” player on the shoulder s/he is healed and can move again. If the medic gets out, no one can heal her/him and the medic cannot tag her/himself. The game is over when all players on a team are down/wounded. This game can go on for a very long time. Consider having 3 five-minute rounds instead of a 15-minute game.


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