Matching Sounds Game

Prior to game you will need to write on pieces of paper names of animals that make a noise. You need two pieces of paper with the same animal name. You will also need to have an even number of players. Example: If you have 24 campers, then you will need 12 animals’ names written on paper two times. This allows for a matched pair of each animal. Hand out the name of the animals in secret to each player. When you blow the whistle each player begins making that animal sound and tries to find their mate. When they find them, they are to sit down still making their sound which only adds to the confusion. The last ones down are the leaders of the next game. Here are examples of easy animals to use: pig, horse, fly, chicken, duck, cow, dog, cat, frog, crow, goose, bee, bird, donkey, elephant, rooster, cricket, gorilla, whistler, etc.


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