Kindergarten Kickball

Divide players into 2 teams, kickers and outfielders and place cones all along the baselines in the infield. Coach is all-time pitcher. The outfielders should spread out; their goal is to get the kicked ball back to the pitcher as quickly as possible. There are no outs and no foul balls. The kickers line up and kick one at a time. The pitcher rolls the ball to the kicker and they kick it as hard as they can. Then the kicker runs along the baseline picking up as many cones as possible before the ball is returned to the pitcher. Once the pitcher has the ball, he or she yells “Stop!” to the kicker, and the kicker stops running and collecting cones and returns to home base. The cones collected are placed back at home base in a pile. Then the next kicker kicks and runs along the baseline collecting cones. Kickers can run either direction on the baselines, but cannot run across the pitcher’s mound. The inning is over once all kickers have kicked or if all cones have been collected.


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